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About Thud and Blunder

Welcome to Thud and Blunder!

We are a Horde raiding guild on Dunemaul server. While we strive to be the best raiders we can be, we are also building a family environment. One where we can all grow and prosper into the best players that we can be, with the help and encouragement of those who we choose to surround us. We are courteous and giving to all who have proven to be trustworthy of it and are fiercely loyal to our guild. We're not all business though, we love to have fun, laugh at each other in Vent and make fun of each other's mistakes, in a playful way of course. After all, this is a game, right? :P

We are currently raiding 25-man content 3 nights every week (Tuesday-Thursday) 8 pm until midnight server (PST), however we have been known to stay on a little later to get that extra attempt in or even boss kill. We reserve 10-man content for off-nights and weekends to help gear alts or just to have some fun. Our server is a PvP server, so of course we like to go out and kill a few Alliance in our spare time, as well. ^.^

Why choose TnB? Because we are the kind of people that you look forward to saying good morning to, wiping on bosses with at night (wiping on bosses with friends seems to make it a little better :P) and cheering with when we get that kill. If this sounds like a place you would like to be, please take the time to fill out our application in a complete and professional manner. Please make sure you log out in the gear and spec you would be raiding in, so we can assess your playing style, gear, and spec accurately. Thank you for your time and hope to see you here! =D

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